The concept is based on the following facts

  1. Most holidaymakers going to tropical destinations enjoy spending time outdoors. Unfortunately, due to lack of information, many of them will not use the right sun product to protect themselves and to benefit from the positive effects of the sun.
  2. Hotels welcome guests from all over the world; therefore, a tailored attention for different skin photo types and different sun objectives must be offered.
  3. Luxury hotels guests are always expecting to receive the highest standards in terms of quality and service. At the same time, luxury resorts are continuously looking for new and exclusive services to fulfill their guests’ expectations.
  4. The era of the spa/fitness/integrated-health-center/hospital/spiritual-retreat/wellness-center/beauty-clinic is on a serious upswing and the “pure” spa is on the decline.


  1. The Sun Spa Esthederm will provide accurate information about the effects of the sun on the skin and will assist customers to identify their skin sun potential.
  2. Institut Esthederm brand being unique amongst competition, and having  developed more than 28 different sun care products will allow all skin photo types get the benefits of the sun safely. The cares will also allow users to get the desired results under any kind of sunlight intensity.
  3. The Sun Spa Esthederm programs include a full day service by the pool or the beach, for the hotel guests, where a Sun Spa Esthederm therapist will apply and reapply the sun cares every hour or two and/or after swimming. In addition, all programs include a series of Esthederm skin cares applied before and after sun exposure, making the   word "pampering” gain new respect.
  4. Sun Spa Esthederm concept is a truly hybrid model.